Monday, August 23, 2010


Not much sewing or quilting going on right now.

I did make these lanyards for my DD to use at college. I also made one for my niece but didn't get a picture of it. It was from the green polka dot fabric left over from the apron. Picture the pink one on the left in lime green.

Not sure which clips she will like better. The clips in the middle came with the key rings so I just left them on I don't think they need them but I didn't need them either. The ones on the outside came from Hobby Lobby. I bought 3 lanyards with the cords and clipped the cords off. I could find the clips but not the clips with the swivels.
Yes, these took all of about an hour to make. Super fast and simple, my kind of project!

I also worked on the Take 5 quilt this weekend. You didn't think I finished it did you? It has been sadly sitting since June. I hope to have the top completed by this weekend.


Diane said...

sometimes quick projects are just the ticket~those are cute!

printed lanyards said...
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