Sunday, August 1, 2010

Batik Baby Quilt - Part one

I'm working on a Pink baby quilt from Batik Plus. The squares are already cut to 6 1/2" so I'm ready to start. The quilt will finish at approx. 60" X 60". I start by randomly match up two different squares and sewing them together. We will not be ironing any of the seems until ALL of the patches have been sewn into strips. Than I lay them out on my design wall (10 in each row and 5 columns). You should have 50 two patches. If you paired all your squares up you will have extras. DO NOT IRON THE SEEMS!
Take 2 of the two squares you just sewed together and sew them together making a four patch strip. You will need 20 of these four patch strips. Remember to keep 10 two patches so you can make your rows of 10. DON'T GET YOUR IRON OUT YET!
I sewed the four patch strip to the two patch strip making a 8 patch strip. You will need 10 of these. STILL NO IRONING!
Then sew the 8 patch strip to the four patch strip. You should now have 10/10 patch strips.

You didn't plug your iron in yet, did you? We will be doing that in the part two.

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BlossomBatik said...

This quilt is nice.I love the color!.
Nice job of yours.