Monday, May 4, 2009

Circus Quilt

I got a little quilting done over the weekend. This is a Circus quilt that was pieced by a customer and quilted by me. The quilting design is called Popcorn it seemed very fitting for the quilt with yellow (butter) thread.

Close-up of the front:
The back close-up:
I'm not sure if the sun is ever going to come out for any better pictures. When I saw the sun peaking out I grabbed the quilt and rushed outside just as the sun decided to leave. Pictures where taken with the quilt laying on the ground since no one was home to help hold them up for me.


henny said...

Cute quilt...
I have a fabric that full of cute little creatures and a little bit confused how to cut it, maybe I can try to make like this. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Roslyn Atwood said...

Thanks for stopping by Jackie.
What is "Quilting without all the rules"?
I make up my own,LOL!

Anonymous said...

I like that style of quilting, it fits the quilt perfectly.