Monday, December 29, 2008

Self-binding Receiving Blankets

I final finished these three receiving blankets and delivered them to the new babies at church. One of the babies is already four months old but I think she will still get some good use out of it. This was a super quick gift to make. I loosely followed the tutorial on Christine's blog. I bought 1 yard of flannel fabric for the front and 1 yard of flannel for the back and washed the fabrics before starting. I then ironed the flannel and folded it into fourths and cut the back fabric 18 X 20 (36 X 40 if you don't fold into fourths before cutting). The front was also folded into fourths and cut at 16 X 18 (or 32 X 36). This was the largest cut I could get from the flannel after washing. If yours doesn't come to these measurements just make the back 4" larger then the front. This gives you approx. 1" miter around the top.


Christine said...

Beautiful receiving blankets, Jackie. I'm glad the tutorial was helpful. Thanks for the "shout-out" on your blog! --Christine

Turtles In Alaska said...

These make the best gifts! I always try to keep about a dozen in the gift closet.