Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini Lightning Zig Zag Quilt

I just got the new iPad and I'm working on learning all the tricks needed to upload a picture.  It isn't helping that I haven't blogged in months and they have updated blogger too.  I am crossing my fingers in hopes that you will be able to see this.  If you blog using your iPad I could really use some help.  This is being posted from my computer. 

Tutorial from Jen of all trades.  First time doing some pebble quilting, it takes a LOT of time and thread but I love the texture it gives the quilt.  Made with Hoffman Bali batiks.  Background is Gardenia (1895) Hoffman Bali Handpaints from Batiks Plus.  This is a great light batik.  I have more quilts in the works with these fabrics.

Mini Lightning Zig Zag Quilt

I see it loads the pictures in order correctly now, nice!

Oh, I'm still spending a lot of time with this little guy too.


Kelly Smith said...

Oh my goodness! Look how big he is getting! How adorable! If you figure out the blogging from iPad, let me know. I downloaded the app for my phone, but I think that would be too crazy, although the mic on the phone would come in handy dictating the blog posts. I haven't tried to post anything from it yet, maybe I will try that tomorrow. If I get time...

Lynne said...

Jackie, your pebble quilting is AMAZING! Beautiful work!

The little guy is just a doll!

waggonswest said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!

Victoria said...

Beautiful, Jackie! In reference to the comment you left me, I think you are right... a facing finish would look really sharp on this quilt!