Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pouch swap

The STLMQG is having a pouch swap. I was able to make this mosaic with the help of Big Huge Labs. I linked the pictures using my Flicker favorites.

1. Zip and Go, 2. Pouch, 3. Dumpling pouches, 4. Gathered Clutch, 5. zipper pouch, 6. Terrain box pouch lining, 7. Pretty {little} Pouch, 8. PLPS received! (and inspected), 9. Pretty Little Pouch Swap Received! detail of small pouch, 10. Vintage fabric for your make-up, 11. Round and puffy beauties in vintage fabrics, 12. creative spaces 3 11 11, 13. Pouch swap trial run (side 2), 14. Pretty Little Pouch Swap 2011, 15. Pretty {little} purse swap front, 16. pretty little pouch - front

Are you on Pinterest? You can find me here. This is were I have been spending any free time I find.


Lynne said...

Nice choices!

Chicken Julie said...

Fun mosaic - thanks for including my pouch in it!