Wednesday, July 13, 2011

feedsack quilt blocks

This is a customers quilt top that she brought to me to baste so she can hand quilt it. I love vintage quilt tops. No reproductions in this quilt top! I hope you enjoy the feedsack blocks as much as I do. I wish you could see them in person.

Do you see the black & white fabric at 2:00? One of my favorites!Do you see the blue "H" fabric at 4:00? It is also in green and red.
The red "H" print at 12:00. The dots in blue at 6:00.
This block has the blue and green "H" fabric.

I hope you enjoyed the vintage eye candy.


Splendorfalls said...

How cool! I could stare at those fabrics all day!

Nancy said...

Wonderful fabrics... 30's fabrics are a favorite of mine...

Stephanie said... pretty.

waggonswest said...

What a treat to work with vintage materials. Thank you for sharing so many pictures with us.