Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Urban lattice - quilt top

Urban lattice quilt blocks on the design wall.
Did you notice all the numbers and letters on the blocks? I marked my blocks with white chalk so they hopefully get sewn in the same order I arranged them on the design wall. I didn't spend a couple of days starring and rearranging for nothing. The chalk will wash off in the first wash or you can wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth (I love those things).
Quilt top all sewn together! Ready to be quilted as soon as I decide on a backing.


jacquie said...

pretty, jackie! love the micro fiber cloth idea...why didn't i think of that!

Molly aka Posy Mosey said...

That looks great! Love the bright colors! I also love the chalk tip!

Roslyn said...

Love this quilt, too many patterns too little time,LOl!

Heather Bailey said...

I love skinny sashing. I put skinny black sashing in my first quilt at 13 or so. My mom thought I was nuts, but now always refers to it as her favorite quilt of all time.