Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm back from Houston . Houston was amazing as always but no pictures because I didn't take my camera. I volunteered in the QOV booth on Friday afternoon and I got to quilt a QOV on the new Gammill. That was very cool! I didn't know I was going to be quilting while I was there so I was relieved that June had a easy quilt and design already picked for a quilt that I could do. Simply ribbons with stars for the quilting. I think the QOV website is down so the hyper links may not work but will when they get it back up and running. Here is a link to their blog.

I have some quilts finished and ready to deliver! I still need to call and make arrangements for delivery before I can show you more. It would be nice if it wasn't dark when I get home at night for some pictures so this may be all you get to see.

Popcorn Panto


Baptist Fan - I love this design!

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That Girl said...

I love the baptist fan design!

Jennifer :)