Sunday, September 14, 2008


I want to share with you one of my favorite quilting tools. It's called Aquadoodle, you won't find this at your local quilting shop but you can find it at almost any store that sells kids toys. I'm not sure what you do with it if you buy it for it's intended purpose, I think it draws on special paper. I like to mark my quilts for quilting with school chalk or Mark-B-Gone. The Aquadoodle holds plain water that I use to remove the chalk or the blue Mark-B-Gone. It's not as messy as using the spray bottle to get rid of the marks.

I have my challenge quilt for Little Hills Quilt Club finished and ready to bind. I can only show you a little picture since I think we are suppose to keep it a secret. I don't think anyone from club knows I have a blog but just in case you see it keep it a secret, O.K.

I'm still working on the half square triangles too. I have of them sewn into pinwheels now. Yeah!! No pictures yet to share.

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jacquie said...

i used some fons and porter chalk to mark one of my quilts...couldn't get that out to save my life. i don't know what i did. good to know you can use regular old school chalk. i love the aquadoodle idea too!